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The technical route combines the most pleasant sensations of a 4x4 route and the most technical of a course  All Terrain driving, is developed within the 4x4 circuit, they learn and  driving techniques, typical of a field vehicle, work.

The network of roads and the orography of the terrain  facilitate  being able to roll in gearboxes without having to leave the 4x4 circuit,  as if it were a route.

The activity can last half a day without interruption, since the 4x4 circuit has an extension of 35 Hec. and different levels of difficulty, which are faced as the 4x4 activity develops.

The clients are evenly distributed among the 4x4 vehicles, a convoy is formed headed by a monitor who transmits the information through walkies and gets off at the prominent places to give directions, so that the other drivers practice all the exercises and can take Photos.

The obstacles that are worked with the ATVs in the 4x4 Circuit are:

- Lateral tilts               - uploads
- Bridge crossings
                 - Downs
- stone steps
                 - Mud
- Dubbies
                         - ditches


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