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The 4x4 towing course can be taken with your own 4x4 vehicle and 4x4 trailer or with a 4x4 car and 4x4 trailer from the school.


In each 4x4 vehicle plus practice trailer, 3 or 4 students carry out the exercises, accompanied by an instructor.

The participants of the 4x4 towing course  They go through the different exercises designed for training, thus practicing the different techniques and maneuvers.

The 4x4 towing course  It lasts 2, 4 or 8 hours.

The exercises can be carried out with one or two-axle trailers.

In the 4x4 towing course, you circulate both on asphalt and in the field, getting to do practices typical of a 4x4 vehicle.

The exercises are carried out with empty and loaded trailers.
In the 4x4 towing course, students study and  they work  the following exercises:

-  Sides
-   Ups and downs
-  crest steps
-  axis crossing
-  stones
-  Mud

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