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The 4x4 orienteering course can be done with a 4x4 vehicle and your own orienteering equipment, or with an all-terrain vehicle and the school's orienteering equipment.


In each 4x4 practice vehicle, 3 or 4 students carry out the exercises, accompanied by an instructor, a GPS, a PC, maps of the area and a compass.

The participants of the 4x4 orienteering course go through the different exercises designed for training, thus practicing orienteering techniques.

The 4x4 orienteering course lasts 2, 4 or 8 hours.

The 4x4 orienteering course is limited to driving on tracks, paths and a closed circuit, but without much off-road content.

In the 4x4 mud driving course, students study and  they work  the  driving techniques:

-  trigonometry elements
  basic scales
  Topography – measurements
  UTM projection
  map reading
  compass and orientation
  GPS systems
  PC applications for mapping

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