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The 4x4 Winch Course can be done with your own vehicle or with a car  4x4 from school.


The course is focused on two different customer profiles:
- Winches installed in 4x4 vehicles and that carry out their activity in circumstances typical of a country car.
- Winches installed on cranes and car carriers.

In each of these two types of course, the means and practices are different, but they always try to be as similar as possible to the real work situations of each profile.

The participants of the winch course receive theoretical training in the room, reconnaissance with an exploded winch and practices with real loads.

The winch course  It can have a duration of 2, 4 or 8 hours. According to customer needs.

Depending on the duration of the course, it can be developed in the client's own facilities or in the private Auto Rescate 4x4 circuit.

In the capstan course they study and  they work  The next points:

- What is a Capstan or Winch
- Types of winch
- Electric
- Hydraulic
- Mechanic
- tire
- Parts of a winch
- Applications
- Assembly
- Maintenance
- Repair
- Accessories

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