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The 4x4 driving course for self-propelled vehicles can be done with your own off-road vehicle or with the school's 4x4 vehicle.


In each practice all-terrain vehicle, 3 or 4 students carry out the exercises, accompanied by an instructor.

The participants of the 4x4 car pump course go through the different exercises designed for training, thus practicing the different techniques and maneuvers.

The driving course  for 4x4 self-propelled vehicles it has a duration of 4 or 8 hours.

The 4x4 pump car driving course is carried out in a 4x4 circuit, where you can practice all the 4x4 exercises in a safe and educational way.

To better understand  the inertia of a 4x4 vehicle with these characteristics, much emphasis is placed on handling the steering wheel and emergency braking.

The practices are carried out with 4x4 self-propelled vehicles with the tank full and empty, in order to work the tool in its real conditions of use.

In the 4x4 car bomb vehicle driving course  they study and work  the  driving techniques:

- Steering wheel management
- Gear ratio:
- 4x2
- 4x4
- Reducer
- Traction, inertia
- Tires, pressures
- Emergency maneuver
- Ups, downs
- Technical, lateral steps
- Ruts, types of mud
- Differential locks

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