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Training objective:
- Raise awareness about the risk of using a 4x4: identify it, assess it and put into practice driving techniques that allow the vehicle to be controlled in the face of obstacles and situations typical of the field, and thus avoid accidents.
- Preserve the physical integrity of people, vehicles and the environment.
- Evaluate risk situations in off-road driving and know their consequences before being involved in them.
- Know the behavior of an SUV or SUV, its advantages and limitations.
- Increase the performance capacity with a 4x4 vehicle.
- Strengthen the culture of safety in the use of vehicles.

  Course program:
- Presentation and objectives of the program.
- The safety triangle: vehicle, environment and driver.
Knowledge of
  Differential aspects of a 4x4 vehicle and an SUV.
  The traction.
  Differentials: Types and functions.
  Traction drive.
  Active and passive security systems.
  Basic equipment: slings, shackles, gloves.

  Recognition of the environment:
   Assessment of obstacles and vehicle capabilities.
  4x4 driving techniques in specific environmental conditions.
   Limitations of braking and turning.

  Preventive driving:
   Previous checks
   Driving posture.
   Preventive driving systems.
   Driving in muddy, sandy, snowy or flooded circumstances.
   Action in case of breakdown or accident.

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