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It is a different way of enjoying nature, since the all-terrain vehicles will bring us closer to places of special beauty, where we will enjoy pure nature.


The customers are distributed in the cars in a  homogeneous.

Each 4x4 vehicle has a station to keep in touch and receive cultural explanations and driving directions from the guides.

the great totality  of the route runs through protected areas of the Sierra de Madrid, future Guadarrama National Park, through the provinces of Segovia or Avila. Unless expressly requested by the client.

Most of the route is done in 4x4 vehicles, combining with walking routes of different lengths.

It is important to know that the scenic and cultural routes do not have much 4x4 content. Its mission is to get into nature along easily accessible tracks for an all-terrain vehicle.

The itineraries allow us to enter or have panoramic views of:

- Hang walls                     - Manquoepese Castle
- Lion's Height
                    - Aqueduct of Segovia
- Valley of the Fallen
                - Rio Frio Palace
- Escorial Monastery
           - Snow Well
- Archpriest of Hita
                - Bunker and trenches


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