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Communication makes the move

Leaders or winners are not sought, it only rewards teamwork.

Cooperative driving courses are creative events by and to encourage communication and teamwork.

During the event, each participant will have a role to take over, so unity work and communication play a fundamental role in carrying out the event.

Realization of group dynamics

Coordination of the occupants of the team, to get the vehicle to move (either because the controls require it).

Since the configuration of the vehicle has been modified: accelerator, brakes, clutches, steering wheels, directions...

The occupants must not only coordinate to get the modified vehicle moving, but they must also coordinate and plan strategies to pass the external tests that are performed on the vehicles. In addition, the occupants have to work as a team to achieve an objective in unnatural conditions.

This original and fun proposal has been designed for group activities. Vehicle pedals and steering wheels have been modified so that more than one person is needed to get the car moving.

Trying to work on the coordination of the team members to move the unique vehicles through the designed routes in the established time.

As if this were not enough, the team members must perform other functions  in addition to those of driving, trying in this way that there is always the largest number of people working around a vehicle.







The most unique cars are:

Driving 4 people:

-  Throttle       -  Steering wheel

-  Clutch        -  Brake

Dyslexic driving:

- The steering wheel turns in the opposite direction.
- The three pedals are located on the passenger side.

Two steering axles:

- The pilot controls the direction  of the front axle.
- The co-pilot with another steering wheel directs the direction of the rear axle.

Crazy Spin:

- The pilot through a steering wheel drives the left front wheel.
- The co-driver with another steering wheel controls the right front wheel.

Hand pedal:

- The driver handles the accelerator and the steering wheel, but the steering wheel does not have the entire rim.
- The co-pilot brakes with his foot and engages with his hands; having to go around hitching and unhitching to a trailer.


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