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Self Rescue 4x4

4x4 experts
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4x4 circuit

Privileged and protected environment for the free practice of 4x4. Rental by the hour, by the day, with a monitor, for technical, advanced, winch, rescue 4x4 courses, etc. . Everything you need to enjoy your 4x4.

4x4 courses

All kinds of 4x4 courses for all levels and needs.

Request information without obligation, we will be happy to inform you!

Car Rental

We put at your disposal a wide and varied fleet of 4x4 vehicles to try to cover all your needs.


Request availability and prices for any vehicle.


Auto Rescate 4x4 organizes all kinds of events you need, whether promotional, advertising, business or leisure.

You can request information without obligation.


If the vehicle has lost all possibility of movement and has no traction, either because it is stuck in snow, mud, rivers, etc. or because anywhere  vehicle mechanics has broken down. Faced with this uncomfortable situation, a simple call to Auto Rescate 4x4 will be resolved as soon as possible.

More than 800 rescues and 19 years of experience have made us acquire the necessary knowledge to carry out any rescue of vehicles weighing less than 3,500Kg. In the most complex situations.

All these  Years of tireless love of off-roading and extreme 4x4 competitions have allowed us to learn and improve techniques to rescue a vehicle as safely as possible.

Auto Rescate 4x4 recovers the vehicle to an area where it drives by its own means, in the event of a breakdown, to a place where a platform moves the vehicle to an arranged workshop.


  • 629 28 58 48


Auto Rescate 4x4 is a company specialized in activities with All Terrain vehicles, founded in 1998, which carries out  training for companies, groups and individuals; 4x4 vehicle rescue, 4x4 rental,  4x4 driving courses, events for 4x4 brands, incentives for companies, organization of 4x4 races, games of ability and dexterity at the wheel of a 4x4, combined with 4x4 routes, its own circuit and Auto Rescate 4x4 competition team.


We have the most qualified staff, with our own team of highly specialized professionals, with enthusiasm and motivation that makes them enjoy their work and obtain the best results. Personnel with extensive experience in the use of 4x4 rescue techniques, orientation, driving, motor activities and knowledge of the required material.

We have a 35-hectare 4x4 Circuit in Los Angeles de San Rafael with all the relevant permits. Possibility of landscape routes and 4x4 techniques, inside and outside the enclosure. Natural areas that are used to form the different tests and obstacles.


Todos los eventos están reservados para vehículos de la marca Toyota

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Todos los eventos están reservados para vehículos de la marca Suzuki

More information? contact us

c/ Orotava Valley, 23

28440  Guadarrama (MADRID)


+34 629 28 58 48

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